Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The so called war essays

The so called war essays Many ultra conservatives and republicans claim that George W. Bushs administration has been the best this country has seen in years. Since President Clinton and Bush Sr.s administrations did not properly interrogate Saddam Hussein, George W Bush felt it was his duty to dispose of the evil regime of Saddam Hussein. Despite the fact that I do not support the war with Iraq, I do feel the war is Bushs only real mistake. After all, he is the man that brought this country back together after September 11, 2001, which was an admirable accomplishment. Bushs actions against Iraq were unnecessary, and they have left our country in a worse position prior to the invasion of Iraq. One of the many arguments for the invasion of Iraqi was the United States ambition to control Iraqis petroleum resources. The United States extreme need for cheaper oil could have been one Bushs reasons for the Invasion. Since the invasion, however, gas prices have risen dramatically and continue to topple into the two-dollar range. Bushs crusade for cheaper oil has proven to fail, for the dramatic rise in gas prices has continually begun to burn a hole in the American publics wallets. One of the biggest mistakes of the George Bush Senior administration is believed to have been his non-aggression to rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein. George Seniors cause was to stop Husseins aggressive attack against Kuwait, so it was not in our countrys interest to attack Iraq and dispose of Hussein. Our current President is using the weapons of mass destruction cause, to promptly rid Iraq of Hussein and claim revenge for Husseins attempted assassination of his father. This is not a reason to send our country into war, this is a personal expedenture that is costing many American lives. Bushs main reason for the war was that Hussein had been holding weapons of mass destruction, which could have in ...

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