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A Brief Note On The Civil Rights Act Of Southern New...

Short Paper: Employment Law Southern New Hampshire University Identification of the Laws Pertinent to the Case While discrimination in the workplace based on sex, race, national origin, and other such characteristics can certainly lead to wrongful termination, those types of claims are usually classified as a separate legal topic known as Title VII law (because they are based on protections found in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964). Companies may not terminate their employee because of their nationality, color, race, gender, religion, age, disability, or pregnancy. For the most part, companies have policies set up to which they must abide to when wanting to terminate an employee. The employment status of the employee†¦show more content†¦Those who believe they may have a claim for wrongful termination must first understand that statutes of limitation apply to these cases. Statutes of limitation are rules regarding how much time may pass between an employee’s discharge and the initiation of a lawsuit. Thus, by waiting to speak with an attorney, claimants may become in eligible for relief. Furthermore, it is often necessary to submit a claim to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) before filing a lawsuit. These and other procedural issues can become problems for anyone unfamiliar with wrongful termination law. As with any complex legal matter, retaining an attorney is highly recommended (HG, 2017).As stated previously the law requires ABC Corporation to sensibly suit an employees religion or religious practices. With the exception that if the accommodations acquired to respect and meet the employees religious needs would significantly negatively impact the needs of the business. However, no accommodations were made for Kareem to meet the needs of his religion. Identification of Accountable Audience For this case study, both Kareem and ABC Corporation ought to be responsible for the potential legal failures as there was room for both parties to prevent the results of this situation. One of the issues presented in this case begins when Kareem did not reveal hisShow MoreRelatedAdvancing Effective Communicationcommunication, Cultural Competence, and Patient- and Family-Centered Care Quality Safety Equity53293 Words   |  214 PagesAssociate Project Director, Division of Standards and Survey Methods, The Joint Commission Isa Rodriguez, Project Coordinator, Division of Quality Measurement and Research, The Joint Commission Mara Youdelman, J.D., L.L.M., Senior Attorney, National Health Law Program Project Advisors Maureen Carr, M.B.A., Project Director, Division of Standards and Survey Methods, The Joint Commission Amy Panagopoulos, R.N., M.B.A., Director, Division of Standards and Survey Methods, The Joint Commission Robert WiseRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 PagesYour WileyPLUS Account Manager Training and implementation support MAKE IT YOURS! Fundamentals of Human Resource Management Tenth Edition David A. DeCenzo Coastal Carolina University Conway, SC Stephen P. Robbins San Diego State University San Diego, CA Tenth Edition Contributor Susan L. Verhulst Des Moines Area Community College Ankeny, IA John Wiley Sons, Inc. Associate Publisher Executive Editor Senior Editoral Assistant Marketing ManagerRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 PagesEdition Project Management The Managerial Process Fifth Edition Erik W. Larson Oregon State University Clifford F. Gray Oregon State University PROJECT MANAGEMENT: THE MANAGERIAL PROCESS Published by McGraw-Hill/Irwin, a business unit of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 1221 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY, 10020. Copyright  © 2011 by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, orRead MoreManagement Course: Mba−10 General Management215330 Words   |  862 PagesThird Edition Reed−Lajoux and others . . . This book was printed on recycled paper. Management Copyright  ©2005 by The McGraw−Hill Companies, Inc. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. Except as permitted under the United States Copyright Act of 1976, no part of this publication may be reproduced or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, without prior written permission of the publisherRead MoreProject Managment Case Studies214937 Words   |  860 Pagespaper. @ Copyright O 2006 by John Wiley Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. Published by John Wiley Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey Published simultaneously in Canada No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise, except as permitted under Section 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act, without either the prior written permission of the PublisherRead More_x000C_Introduction to Statistics and Dat a Analysis355457 Words   |  1422 Pages Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis This page intentionally left blank Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis Third Edition Roxy Peck California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Chris Olsen George Washington High School, Cedar Rapids, IA Jay Devore California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo Australia †¢ Brazil †¢ Canada †¢ Mexico †¢ Singapore †¢ Spain †¢ United Kingdom †¢ United States Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis, Third Edition RoxyRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pagesupdated: April 26, 2016 Logical Reasoning Bradley H. Dowden Philosophy Department California State University Sacramento Sacramento, CA 95819 USA ii iii Preface Copyright  © 2011-14 by Bradley H. Dowden This book Logical Reasoning by Bradley H. Dowden is licensed under a Creative Commons AttributionNonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. That is, you are free to share, copy, distribute, store, and transmit all or any part of the work under the following conditions:Read MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 PagesCleveland State University JOHN WILEY SONS, INC. VICE PRESIDENT PUBLISHER EXECUTIVE EDITOR ASSISTANT EDITOR PRODUCTION MANAGER PRODUCTION ASSISTANT EXECUTIVE MARKETING MANAGER ASSISTANT MARKETING MANAGER MARKETING ASSISTANT DESIGN DIRECTOR SENIOR DESIGNER SENIOR MEDIA EDITOR George Hoffman Lise Johnson Carissa Doshi Dorothy Sinclair Matt Winslow Amy Scholz Carly DeCandia Alana Filipovich Jeof Vita Arthur Medina Allison Morris This book was set in 10/12 New Caledonia

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Risk Management Processes Project Management - 780 Words

Risk Management: Processes In project management, a ‘process’ is a series of steps taken to get from point A to point B while, ‘risk’ identifies issues that may arise and cause a project to fail. â€Å"Risk management is the means by which uncertainty is systematically managed to increase the likelihood of meeting project objectives.† (Verzuh, pp. 99, 2012). Project managers need to take the lead when developing and training the team but, also chose wisely when planning, identifying, mitigating, and controlling risk. Risk management is a system of tools used to keep a project on track should problems occur. The following six processes; planning, identifying, performing qualitative and quantitative analysis, responses, and controlling have been identified for managing risk in project management. Risk planning During the planning process, the project team needs to identify probable issues that may arise in the future of the project while, developing a response plan and dedicate needed resources to mitigate issues before the project fails. The team needs to review documents inputs such as the project charter, project plans, assets, and environmental factors. The project team then uses analytic techniques or tools, expert judgment and meetings to develop a risk management plan. â€Å"Risk is always present and spans all parts of the project both external as internal, and therefore it does affect other constraints.† (Wysocki, pps 13-14, 2014). It is also important to note toShow MoreRelatedEssay about Fbi Case Study1297 Words   |  6 PagesSummary 3 Project Overview 3 The key issues related to the failure of the project: 4 Resolution 4 Relevance to IT Project Management: 5 Key Takeaways: 7 Research Approach 7 References 8 Executive Summary: The â€Å"Who Killed the Virtual Case File?† case study is a clear example of project failure which resulted on not only balloon the cost of the project, but also loss that could be counted on millions of dollars. Because of the size of the project and the failure of the project, it isRead MoreRisk Analysis Case Study Synaptic Essay1377 Words   |  6 PagesAnalysis of Risks Introduction: Synaptic is a bio technology company that uses a combination of both Information Management (IM) and biological research to develop drugs based on proteins and peptides. Synaptic is comprised of a large Information Management department which consists of multiple divisions within the department. Each division within the IM is in charge of communications and computer systems services, in particular research, manufacturing and infrastructure. The companyRead MoreProject Management in Bangladesh - Term Paper1639 Words   |  7 PagesProject Management - Overview Common misconceptions about Project Management Here are some questions we hear frequently that demonstrate a misunderstanding of project management: What does the project manager do? Why doesnt the project manager do some of the work? Why dont we make our top specialist the project manager? Why does the project manager need a support team? Isnt this all an unnecessary overhead for the project? Project management is a specialist discipline. In a wellRead MoreThe Global Expansion Project Is For T Mobile1376 Words   |  6 PagesRisk Management Breakdown Structure The global expansion project is for T-Mobile to expand its supply base into China in order to be successful in the global economy. Recognizing what the available alternatives are available when identifying risk can be beneficial to the project since the methods utilized can be easily accomplished. The responses for each identified risk may have an effect on the other areas with the project overall. The responses also assist in determining how reactive or proactiveRead MoreRisks in a Home Building Project1486 Words   |  6 Pagesof Risks Associated With Estimating a Home Building Project Michael T Bell PMAN 637 Originality Score 6% A Review of Risks Associated With Estimating a Home Building Project Introduction In building and construction, there are risks associated with estimating a home building project. These risks in construction are all the same across the board regardless the construction. Therefore, a home building projects is confronted with the same risks asRead MoreProject Management Body Of Knowledge Industry Standards1576 Words   |  7 PagesThank you for giving me the opportunity to work with your organization and engage with the team of the software development project. As agreed, I have examined the strengths and weaknesses of the project and analyzed the main factors that contribute to the current state of project. My independent assessment of the project and practices related to it is based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge industry standard and is grounded in information that I have gathered from team members. The purposeRead MoreUnrealistic Schedules And The Toc With Project Management1423 Words   |  6 PagesUnrealistic schedules and the TOC with project management. Using the TOC in conjunction with the best practices of project management (TOC PM) is a methodical holistic systems approach to integrating stakeholders, products, and processes that must be completed to meet project objectives (Goldratt Cox, 2004). The TOC PM was introduced in the late 1970’s and later adopted into project management as a methodology in 1997 (Goldratt Cox, 2004; Leach, 2005). The TOC PM is viewed as a method thatRead MoreThe Responsibilities Involved With The Project Management1371 Words   |  6 Pagesdescribes in brief the responsibilities involved with the project management. It also states the minimum educational qualification, skills, certifications needed and the salaries given to people in this role in today’s world. Keywords: [Click here to add keywords.] University of Houston Clear Lake A project is basically an assignment which has a definitive start and end times. It is a task undertaken to create a product or a service. Every project usually performs a unique set of operations which is performedRead MoreAnalyzing The Root Causes Of Risk Mismanagement1506 Words   |  7 PagesAnalyzing the Root Causes of Risk Mismanagement Introduction According to Kendrick (2009, p. 17), roughly 75 percent of projects fail when project teams refuse to adopt some form of risk monitoring and control. Ken Black (1996), an associate professor of decision sciences, published an article listing twelve factors that contribute to the failure of projects. The article highlighted risks, as one of the factors that can negatively affect project constraints (Black, 1996). A risk, as defined by KendrickRead MoreAnalysis Of Project Management Process Group1599 Words   |  7 Pagesthat as each of these processes are being done; it could bring new insights into the project which may require some of the previous created project documents to be updated. The processes in the Planning Process Group may be repeated or re-addressed several times as the project progresses. It is also important to note that the outputs of certain processes serve as inputs to other processes within the Planning Process Group. Among all the Process Groups within the proj ect management process, the Planning

Back to the Future and Idioms Sabrina Ramos Free Essays

Clean up the air- To get rid of doubts or hard feelings. All right, let’s discuss this frankly. It’ll be better if we clear the air. We will write a custom essay sample on Back to the Future and Idioms Sabrina Ramos or any similar topic only for you Order Now 2. Keep at arm’s length- To keep at a distance; not to allow to come into close contact. 3. Have ones back on the wall- to have very serious problems which limit the ways in which you can act. With rising labor costs, industry has its back to the wall. 4. Bend over backwards- To betray someone. I wish you would not gossip about me. There is no need to stab me in the back. 5. Kill two birds with one stone- To solve two problems at one time with a single action. John was killing two birds with one stone while he learned the words to his part in the play while peeling potatoes. 6. Bite the hands that feed you- to treat someone badly who has helped you in some way. Leaving the company atter they’ve spent three years training you up – i biting the hand that feeds you. 7. Once in a blue mood- very rarely. My sister lives in Alaska, so I only get to see her once in a blue moon 8. Break the ice- To attempt to become friends with someone. He tried to break the ice, but she was a little cold. . Out on a limb- If you go out on a limb, you state an opinion or you do something which is very different to most other people. I dont think we’re going out on a limb in claiming that global warming is a problem that must be addressed. 10. My lips are sealed- I will tell no one this secret or this gossip. I promise I won’t tell anyone, my lips are sealed. 1 . Read between the lines- to infer something; to try to understand what is meant by something that is not written explicitly or openly. After listening to what she said, if you read between the lines, you can begin to see what she really means. 12. Have two left feet- to be very awkward with one’s feet. (Often refers to awkwardness at dancing. ) I’m sorry, I can’t dance better. I have two left feet. 13. With no strings attached- Unconditionally; with no obligations or conditions attached. My parents gave me use of their car without any strings attached. 14. A drop in the ocean- a very small amount in comparison to the amount that is needed. A hundred thousand may seem a lot but it’s a drop in the ocean compared to the millions that need to be spent. 15. Turn the tables- To change a situation so that someone’s position is the opposite of what it was She urned the tables by playing a better game and recently has won most of her matches. 16 Hold ones tongue- To refrain from speaking; to refrain from saying something unpleasant. I felt like scolding her, but I held my tongue 17. Steal (someone’s) thunder- To do something that takes attention away from what someone else has done I kept quiet about my pregnancy because Cathy was getting married, and I didn’t want to steal her thunder. 18. Know the ropes- knowledge of how to do something; how to work something I’ll be able to do my Job very well when I know the ropes. 19. Call the shots- To decide on the course of action; to be in charge. Sally always wants to call the shots, and Mary doesn’t like to be bossed around. 20. How to cite Back to the Future and Idioms Sabrina Ramos, Papers

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Money Market free essay sample

As money market is very important to the financial system, especially the economic growth, there is need to review and understand the changes in the money market so that the right responses can be given while confronting with the financial crisis. The objectives of this project are to review the money markets and the securities in Malaysia and to understand an importance of money markets that affect the economic growth. Firstly, the purpose of the existence money market and its cost advantage is discussed. Next, the money market’s instruments are reviewed. The money market’s instruments include treasury bills, Bank Negara funds, Repurchase Agreement, Negotiable Certificates of Deposit and Banker’s Acceptance. Those money market’s instruments are essential to volatile the liquidity of financial status in Malaysia. In addition, the money market securities are compared using the interest rates as the interest rates are the key factor to stimulate or constrain the economic activities. We will write a custom essay sample on Money Market or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The significant of this study is to make a deep understanding of the money market in Malaysia. This study can help the finance students to learn more about the relationship between the money market and the economic growth. It is very useful when involving in the businesses of money market. Based on the study, we can see that there is vital to have money market securities in helping the economic growth. Different money market securities can help to provide a low-cost source of funds to the firms, government and especially to the intermediaries instead of depend on the banks only. Money market is a market for trading short-term, low risk securities such as commercial paper, treasury bills, bankers’ acceptances, and negotiable certificates of deposits. The market is made up of dealers in these securities who are linked by electronic communications. The most important function of a money market is to provide a means whereby economic units can quickly adjust trough cash positions. For all economic units (business, households, financial institutions, or governments) the timing of cash inflows is rarely perfectly synchronized or predictable in the short run. According to the data provider Morningstar Asia Ltd, money market – linked funds registered for sale in Malaysia were the best performing asset type in comparison with commodity and equity funds for the year ended October 31. On average, money market funds delivered positive returns (2. 19%) over the period compared with commodity and equity-linked funds, which registered negatives returns. Morningstar told Star Biz that as a result of the uncertain global economic climate, investor risk appetites has been sharply reduced. Higher risk asset classes, such as equities and commodities, typically performed poorly in such an environment, while perceived safe harbors- such as money market linked-funds- generally did better. Furthermore, OSK- UOB Unit Trust Management Bhd. and Meridien Asset Management Sdn. Bhd. had invested in short-term commercial paper with top credit quality, hence sheltering it from the volatility associated with the bond market and to preserve capital and to generate consistent income streams. In addition, Managing director Nicholas Ng of Meridien Asset Management Sdn. Bhd. xpected that the stability to continue in the money market, given recent steps taken by Bank Negara to strengthen confidence in the financial system. Also, current account surplus and ample liquidity in the banking system should continue to provide support for the money market. In conclusion, short-term rates on the Malaysian money market remained steady at the opening despite continued ample liquidity in the system as Bank Negara Malaysia intervened to check excess liquidity in the system. On October 23, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) today estimated an aggregate surplus of RM 4. 4 billion, of which conventional operations accounted for RM1. 658 billion while Islamic funds made up for the remaining RM2. 781 billion. 3. 0 MONEY MARKET 3. 1 Why do we need money market? In theory, the money markets should not be needed. The banking industry exist primarily to provide short term loans and to accept short term deposits. Bank should have efficiency advantage in gathering information, an advantage that should eliminate the need for the money markets. Banks should be able to offer loans more cheaply than diversified markets, which must evaluate each borrower every time a new security is offered. The banking industry exists primary to mediate the asymmetric information problem between saver-lenders and borrower-spenders, and banks can earn profits by capturing economies of scale while providing this service. However, the banking industry is subject to more regulations and governmental costs than are the money markets. In the situation where the asymmetric information problem is not severe, the money markets have a distinct cost advantage over banks in providing short term funds (Mishkin, S. F, Eakins G. S, 2009). 3. 2 Money market cost advantage Banks must put aside a portion of their deposits in the form of reserves that are held without interest at the Bank Negara. Thus, a bank may not be able to invest 100% of every ringgit it holds in deposits. This means that it must pay a lower interest rate to the depositors than if the full deposit could be invested. Interest rate regulations were a second competitive obstacle for banks. One of the principal purposes of the banking regulations in the 1930s was to reduce competition among banks. With less of competition, regulators felt, banks were less likely to fail. The cost to consumers of the greater profits banks earned because the lack of free market competition was justified by the greater economic stability that a healthy banking system would provide. One way that banking profits were assured was by regulations that set a ceiling on the rate of interest that banks could pay for funds (Mishkin, S. F, Eakins G. S, 2009). 3. 3 The Purpose of Money Markets Money market securities are usually sold in the large denominations. Normally the amount is exceeding than RM1, 000,000. The main participants in this area are Bank Negara Malaysia, Commercials banks, finance and investments firms and also rich individuals. Normally, the money market has lower default risk. This is because it matures in one year and less depending on those types of instruments. Nowadays, the money markets are established in order to save the surplus funds in that party holds and they do not want to use it yet. Hence, it will give a higher return for an individual who is save their money in this market area. This return is not as high as an individual can get if they are purchasing the bond. But, it is high if we compare the value that an individual can get if they hold the money by their own or simply deposits the money in any banks around this country or around the world. The money market also acts in between because it is not risky and safer and at the same time it gives additional amount towards the surplus money. It is the place where an individual avoid from riskier investment by purchasing the bonds. As we know, bonds are very risky investment even though it gives higher interest rates to the bondholders. Besides, money market also is established to provide a low-cost source of funds.

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Read Emma Watsons 2016 UN Speech on Gender Equality

Read Emma Watson's 2016 UN Speech on Gender Equality Emma Watson, actor and UN Goodwill Ambassador, is using her fame and position with the United Nations to shine a spotlight on the problem of gender inequality and sexual assault at universities and colleges around the world. Watson made headlines in September 2014 when she launched a gender equality initiative called HeForShe with a rousing speech at the UN headquarters in New York. The speech focused on gender inequality around the world and the important role that men and boys must play in fighting for equality for girls and women. Speaking Out for Women In a more recent speech given at the UN headquarters in September 2016, Ms. Watson turned her attention to the gender double standards that many women encounter when they study and work at universities. Importantly, she connects this issue to the widespread problem of sexual violence that many women experience in the course of pursuing higher education. Ms. Watson, a proud feminist, also used the occasion to announce the publication of the first  HeForShe IMPACT 10x10x10 University Parity Report, which details the challenges of gender inequality and the commitments  to fighting them made by ten university presidents from around the world. The full transcript of her speech follows. Thank you all for being here for this important moment.  These men from all over the world have decided to make gender equality a priority in their lives and in  their universities. Thank you for making this commitment. I graduated from university four years ago. I had always dreamed of going and I know how fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to do so. Brown [University] became my home, my community, and I took the ideas and the experiences I had there into all of my social interactions, into my workplace, into my politics, into all aspects of my life. I know that my university experience shaped who I am, and of course, it does for many people. But what if our experience at university shows us that women dont belong in leadership? What if it shows us that, yes, women can study, but they shouldnt lead a seminar? What if, as still in many places around the world, it tells us that women dont belong there at all? What if, as is the case in far too many universities, we are given the message that sexual violence isnt actually a form of violence? But we know that if you change students experiences so they have different expectations of the world around them, expectations of equality, society will change. As we leave home for the first time to study at the places that we have worked so hard to get, we must not see or experience double standards. We need to see equal respect, leadership, and pay. The university experience must tell women that their brain power is valued, and not just that, but that they belong among the leadership of the university itself. And so importantly, right now, the experience must make it clear that the safety of women, minorities, and anyone who may be vulnerable is a right and not a privilege. A right that will be respected by a community that believes and supports survivors. And that recognizes that when one persons safety is violated, everyone feels that their own safety is violated. A university should be a place of refuge that takes action against all forms of violence. Thats why we believe that students should leave university believing in, striving for, and expecting societies of true equality. Societies of true equality in every sense, and that universities have the power to be a vital catalyst for that change. Our ten impact champions have made this commitment and with their work we know they will inspire students and other universities and schools across the world to do better. Im delighted to introduce this report and our progress, and Im eager to hear whats next. Thank you so much.

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ACT Scores, GPA

Texas A&M Acceptance Rate, SAT/ACT Scores, GPA Texas AMs main campus in College Station is a large, selective public university with a 67 percent acceptance rate. Dont let that relatively high number create a sense of false security: as the data below reveals, nearly all admitted students have grades and standardized test scores that are above average. Why Texas A&M? Location: College station, TexasCampus Features: Texas AMs massive 5,200-acre campus includes an 18-hole golf course, polo fields, and Kyle Field, the football stadium that seats over 102,000 fans.Student/Faculty Ratio: 21:1Athletics: The Texas AM Aggies compete in the NCAA Division I Southeastern Conference (SEC).Highlights: Undergraduates can choose from 128 degree programs spread across the universitys 19 schools and colleges. Programs in business, agriculture, and the biological and health sciences are particularly popular. Acceptance Rate For students entering Texas AM in the 2018-19 academic year, the university had a 67% acceptance rate. This means that for every 100 applicants, 67 were admitted and 33 received rejection letters. The admissions process is selective, and below average students will have a difficult time being admitted. Admissions Statistics (2018-19) Number of Applicants 36,423 Percent Admitted 67.2% Percent Admitted Who Enrolled 45.4% SAT Scores and Requirements Texas AMs main campus in College Station requires all students to submit either SAT scores or ACT scores, although students with very high grades and class rank may be able to get the test requirement waived. The SAT is more popular than the ACT- for students entering in the 2018-19 academic year, 61% of applicants submitted SAT scores. Texas A&M SAT Range (Admitted Students) Section 25th Percentile 75th Percentile ERW 580 680 Math 590 700 ERW=Evidence-Based Reading and Writing When we compare these scores to national SAT data from the College Board, we can see that the great majority of students who attend Texas AM rank among the top third of all test-takers. For the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing exam, 50% of students scored between 580 and 680. The bottom 25% of students scored a 580 or lower, while the top 25% scored a 680 or higher. Scores on the Math exam are slightly higher. The middle 50% of students scored between a 590 and 700. This means that 25% of admitted students scored a 590 or lower, while the top quartile scored a 700 or higher. Students with a combined SAT score of 1380 or higher will be particularly competitive at Texas AM. That said, if you compare SAT scores for top Texas colleges and universities, youll see that there are many schools that are more selective than Texas AM. Requirements Texas AM does not require SAT Subject Tests, but the test are sometimes used for course placement. The university does require students to take the SAT with Essay although the essay score does not play much of a role in the admissions process other than as a validity check for the application essay. SAT scores must be no more than five years old, and the university does not super-score the SAT. The school will use your highest score from a single test date. ACT Scores and Requirements All student applying to Texas AM must submit either SAT or ACT scores, and the ACT is less popular than the SAT. 39% of students entering in the 2018-19 academic year submitted ACT scores. Texas A&M ACT Range (Admitted Students) Section 25th Percentile 75th Percentile English 24 32 Math 24 30 Composite 25 31 An average ACT score is a 21, so you can see that nearly all Texas AM students have above-average scores. As national ACT data reveals, the great majority of Texas AM students placed in the top 25% of all ACT test-takers. The middle 50% of admitted students scored between 25 and 31. This means 25% of admitted students had an ACT score of 25 or lower, and at the top end, 25% had scores of 31 or higher. Requirements Texas AM requires the ACT with Writing. The writing section of the exam is used primarily as a check on the validity of the main application essay. The university will not super-score the exam, so they will use your highest total score from a single test date for admission purposes. Students who take the ACT are not required to take any SAT Subject Tests. GPA Texas AM does not publish GPA data of accepted students, but the self-reported data in the graph below shows us that the great majority of admitted students have high school averages in the B range or higher. 63% of Texas AM students rank in the top 10% of their high school class, and 92% are in the top 25% of their class. Self-Reported GPA/SAT/ACT Graph Texas AM Applicants Self-Reported GPA, SAT Score, and ACT Score Data. Data courtesy of Cappex   The admissions data in the graph is self-reported by applicants to Texas AMs main campus in College Station. GPAs are unweighted. Find out how you compare to accepted students, see the real-time graph, and calculate your chances of getting in with a free Cappex account. ​Admissions Chances Texas AM is one of the top Texas colleges and universities, and applicants will need decent grades and test scores to be admitted. In the graph above, green and blue represent accepted students. Its important to realize that theres a lot of red (rejected students) hidden beneath the blue and green in the middle of the graph. Some students with scores and grades that are on target for Texas AM still get rejected. Note also that a number of students were accepted with test scores and grades a bit below the norm. These seeming discrepancies exist because Texas AM has holistic admissions. The admissions officers are considering qualitative as well as quantitative information. Students with exceptional talent (in, for example, athletics or music) will typically receive a closer look even if their numerical measures are a bit below the norm. Like all selective universities, Texas AM is trying to enroll students who will contribute to the campus culture in meaningful ways. Strong application essays, positive letters of recommendation, and interesting extracurricular activities are all important pieces of a successful application. Engineering applicants have an additional essay requirement. Keep in mind that high grades and standardized test scores are not a guarantee of admission. Some students with A averages and SAT/ACT scores that are well above average did not get in. This may seem strange since Texas AM has guaranteed admission for students who graduate in the top 10% of their class. This state policy, however, does have a couple restrictions. For one, students must be in the top 10% of a Texas school, so out-of-state applicants have no admissions guarantees. Also, Top 10% admits must have completed enough college preparatory classes to qualify. Finally, Texas AM recommends (but does not require) that prospective students visit campus, attend a prospective student session, and/or participate in an academic program for visiting students. All of these opportunities allow you to get to know the university, and they help demonstrate your interest in Texas AM. The university also recommends that applicants submit their applications as early as possible (you might want to consider the Early Action option). Sources: Graph from; other data sourced from the National Center for Education Statistics and the Texas AM Office of Admissions. admissionfrom the National Center for Educational Statistics

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Jeep Patriot Sports Car Advertisement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Jeep Patriot Sports Car Advertisement - Essay Example Adverts employ a tool of art called semiotics that involves the application of signs and symbols in conveying messages. This advert has different categories of the message to the buyer. These categories consist of both the words and images. There is a whole range of captions in the advert that portray a denoted message targeted at the buyer. In addition, Michael’s wife, surprises him, by declaring that she bought a jeep in a conversation. The captions and labels, it becomes clear to the buyer that she bought a jeep patriot sport car. The word ‘jeep’ in the advert represents a connoted meaning. The term communicates a deeper meaning to the buyer because it has a long history of use in the market. Just by its mention in the advert, it conveys a certain message. A jeep is a car that belongs to specific classes of people in the society because of its features. The unique feature is the quarter-ton that defines a jeep. In addition, there is a connoted message in the de claration of the wife that she bought the jeep. It confirms to the audience that she ‘could not hold back ‘. This adds sense to the persuasion at the end urging the audience not to ‘hold back’ from buying the jeep. In addition, the advert contains a symbolic message. The pictured movement of the jeep patriot car signifies its capability on the road and emphasizes on the value of the four-wheel drive system. In addition, the woman in the advert implies that the car is suitable for the feminine gender. She is a symbol for the suitability of the car to women. This is a crucial aspect of the advert because different cars suit male and female. There is an evident gender preference of some car models and any advert should highlight this fact. Moreover, the advert has literal message that the audience can conceive easily. A real couple indulging in a usual conversation gets the buyer’s attention. The two are getting ready to leave the house. The wife brings up the idea that she bought a jeep. This fact mesmerizes the husband, as it is evident from his facial reactions. The advert then features a real image of the ‘jeep patriot sport car’. From this real image, the features of the car become evident to the audience. The car looks compact but being a jeep, has an economic engine. The couple rides in the car portraying its suitability as a family car. The car has unique features for families that prefer to own a car with multiple capabilities. This jeep has sufficient room to accommodate both the heads and legs. This offers sufficient space for rear passengers. In addition, the car has a high capacity boot that provides a family sufficient space to carry luggage. The family setting highlighted in the advert persuades families to consider the jeep patriot as a favorable choice. Through a combination of the different messages, the advert provides the audience with details about the car. In addition, there is a denoted message t hat informs the audience of the price of the jeep. With a glance, potential buyers gain awareness of the product price. The advert utilizes different efficient aspects of visual art to communicate with the audience. The advert targets families and emphasizes on the suitability of the car to women as well. The concept of commodity fetishism comes out clearly in the advert.