Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A persuasive letter in which you call for the banning of The Anarchist Essay

A persuasive letter in which you call for the banning of The Anarchist Cookbook by William Powell - Essay Example As a writer, I want to bring to your attention the possible negative effects of â€Å"The Anarchist’s Cookbook† by William Powell on the minds of young people, being the strong arm of the nation. This is a call from a young person for the banning of the book because of its contents which are extremely disturbing. It is true that Ezperanza Godot, in her review of the book, claims that the information contained therein is misguided for several reasons which she enumerated. However, one cannot stop making his mind work and experiment on the things that have been written there. Obviously, the aforementioned reviewer made some experiments and did her own research about the contents of the book only to her dismay. Thankfully, she was not able to see how she could be dangerous with the use of the book. Nevertheless, not all readers are just like her. There are those who could read and see beyond the written words and they could become extremely dangerous. I personally believe that the author did not simply make up the information in his book rather, have craftily written his work and made it like a puzzle that his readers need to work in-depth on the cookbook in order to make the desired outcome. Godot may not have seen the solution to the puzzle so that she is enraged that the book seems to be misguiding readers and that she was not able to have what she expected. Still, there is the potential danger that a brilliant reader would crack the puzzle and really bring to accomplishment the objectives of the author in writing the book. Speaking of the author, I believe that his personal testimony should be seriously considered. The auhtor knows just how he was feeling when he wrote the book and he confesses that being a 19-year-old who went to Vietnam to support the war he did not agree with, he was mad when he wrote the book. Naive and uninformed, he published the book without any professional advice so that the book was published verbatim and copyrighted by the publisher instead of the author ( Such circumstance should be considered now that the author desires the publication of the book to be stopped. Nevertheless, being the writer who should be able to act upon his wishes, he is unable to stop the dangers his book might bring upon the world simply because of some copyright issues. I strongly grieve with Mr. Powell for this issue because at the time of his illumination regarding the beliefs he has written in his book, he powerless to put a stop to its possible negative effects in the modern world. Moreover, I believe that the short review by Ozark PressLlc was written with very good reasons. The review says that the book â€Å"will shock, it will disturb and it will provoke†. Obviously the book contains information that will not only add to a reader’s knowledge but can also be used as it has been intended. The â€Å"menu† for drugs and ammunitions are extremely dangerous. Consider a young reader who is looking for an adventurous life, who tries on some drug that has been mentioned in the cookbook. One reader who is going toward self-destruction may be insignificant in a world filled with billions of people. Nevertheless, that one reader is significant to a mother, a father or a sibling. That one reader might be

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