Monday, November 11, 2019

Spreading Awareness about STD among Youth

Lack of Knowledge about STDS among youth Becoming sexually active at a young age tends to increase a person's number of overall partners and as a result, her or his risk of STDS. Biologically, young girls are more susceptible to infection. Although the system cannot control teens or preteen's actions, but they can help them understand the risks of sexual activity and that's 0K to wait to have sex.A research done by Katherine Harmon on Jan 2013 shows 321,000 cases of gonorrhea only are reported each year in the U. S. Another research shows approximately 60 percent of new HIV infections in united states occurs among oung people under age 25 and most of these infections are transmitted sexually. By all the efforts and new programs that government is trying to put into educational system, when we see these reports and numbers we all agree in one matter: these are not enough.And I believe if government instead of mostly concentrating on medical treatments pays more attention to youth heal th education and STDS prevention training classes, life of hundreds of people can be saved every day. The reason I chose this topic is because I'm originally Middle Eastern or in another world from a third world country. Four years ago, when I was living in my country, there was not much attention to STDS among the people and there was never any program in our society or schools to educate families and youth about STDS.Since I was always curios, I was doing research from different sources about them to be able to improve my personal knowledge about them and hopefully be able to help some people. When I came to United States, I was expecting the majority of people are well educated about these kinds of matters but unfortunately when I read different researches about increasing number of STDS infections among the youth, it Just hange my whole expectation from educational system of one of the most advanced countries.By all that being said, I hope to see a day that nobody in any country would be infected of STDS due to lack of information and knowledge. Resources: nature. com (the name of article is â€Å"common STD grows resistant to treatment in North America. Mayoclinic. com (the name of article is â€Å"sexually transmitted diseases. Hawaii. edu (effective HIV/STD and teen pregnancy prevention programs for young women of color ) Spreading Awareness about STD among Youth By arashghahremani

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