Saturday, February 1, 2020

((((3)))) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

((((3)))) - Essay Example Abigail aggressiveness proof that she has been involved with fighting with other children and she is also frequently punishment by her parents. Curbing Abigail situation has proven to ambiguous as whenever teacher tried to help her she would perceive that teacher is also finding ways of punishing her. This has made us to seek psychotherapist assistances For the teacher to achieve his intend goal he/she has to structure a cooperative task that will consider previous experiences of the children. Therefore, proof to ambiguous as the teacher will not be in better position to come up with cooperative task that will cover every child previous experiences Teachers can use Center Ticket to build Assessment decision that reflect age suitable in both content and the method of information collection and in achieving this teachers can share this information with families by seeking to know each child’s 1st and 2nd language, and also their prior experience at home. After visiting Colorin Colorado, I came to realize parents and teachers’ observation should be valued as source of effective assessment information. The new information I leant is that Parents and teachers involvements at assessing our learners help us to understanding the social and cognitive of children’s development, and this is vibrant at assisting the teacher develop a fair instruction method to all children including seeking to know each child’s 1st and 2nd

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