Thursday, October 31, 2019

Reasons why illegal immigranst who are already living in this country Research Paper

Reasons why illegal immigranst who are already living in this country should be given citiznship - Research Paper Example Recently, debates on immigration have focused on the American South due to its border with Mexico where Latino immigrants get a passage into America. The political division has not helped to bridge the political opinions of opposition sides. In this assignment, I argue that despite the ongoing heated political debates, illegal immigration ought to be granted American citizenship. Historically, the American nation has been known to be a haven for immigrants to the extent that it is now a European descendant’s majority. Prior to the September 11, 2011 attacks on America by foreign nationals, there was little talk of racial profiling at airports. Entry to America became difficult for all immigrants with additional security checks instituted for fear of attacks, therefore, the ensuing debate on illegal immigration (Wise 26). Security is paramount for the stability of the American nation. Nevertheless, racial profiling is an infringement on the civil rights of human beings since it focuses on certain ethnic groups. The impact of European descended Americans in shaping America’s course cannot be disputed. However, the argument that America ought to be identified with regards to being â€Å"white† is flawed (Wise 32). America is a melting pot with people from diverse cultures, religion and ethnic backgrounds. The contribution of the multiplicity of people cannot be ignored. Granting of citizenship to illegal immigrants would be a humane act devoid of racial overtones. National security depends less on the number of illegal immigrants. This is because foreign nationals and terrorists do not have to be American residents to commit crimes. The rigorous security checks instituted mean that it is harder for foreign terrorists to gain citizenship. With proper checks in place, illegal immigrants are granted citizenship if there is reasonable belief that they pose

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